Food Distribution
  • 743 E. Tabor Ave.
    Fairfield, CA 94533

  • City Church

Food Distribution

Recurring Food Event

We believe that the church is uniquely positioned to provide services that other organizations cannot provide on a consistent basis. Through our partnerships with local churches like Liberty Church in Fairfield, The Fathers House and Trinity Baptist churches in Vacaville, local businesses, and the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties, we are able to operate our food pantry 7 days a week! There are no questions asked. If you need food, we will supply it.

City Free Clinic


  1. Vincent

    I think this great what you are doing I was homeless when I was 14 saved when I was 17 but the roads were still rough till it started calming down or I started to understand a=I got saved listening to Nicky Cruz in Oxnard and I went up to pulpit and Nicky prayed over me I understand now when people say they feel lighter after surrendering to Christ it felt like I was carrying a backpack of lead and it just hit the floor at Amen! I then had a family friend take me to Teen Challenge a program that David Wilkerson started and took Nicky in when he was all evil. I’m going to look around your site to see if the Lord’s will is for me to help out in some areas, Thanks for everything you are doing!!

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