City Strike Force – Outreach
  • 743 E. Tabor Ave.
    Fairfield, CA 94533

  • City Church

City Strike Force – Outreach

We believe that people are most receptive to the message of the Gospel if we demonstrate it through dynamic relationships centered around what matters to them most. For those experiencing homelessness that means: food, showers, clothing, hair cuts, and a safe place where they matter. In order to meet this kind of need, our City Strike force, an outreach of the City Livin’ Center, goes out into the community on Sundays to pick up these wonderful people and bring them to City Church for all of the above mentioned things. No Questions. No requirements. Only love.

Join us every Sunday afternoon @ 3pm to engage our community in a tangible way, demonstrating the love of God to those we encounter.

Sunday Afternoons

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  1. Lynn Magnuson

    As one who was once homeless myself your ministry has appreciated. So many churches completely ignore the homeless and even in some cases I’ve seen the marginalized. That’s not what God wants of us. In the Hebrew Bible the commandments for those who are farmers include leaving the fruit from the edges of your field and on the ground for the poor. And it’s mentioned in Genesis that among Sodom and Gomorrah‘s sins was forgetting the poor. You are definitely doing the right thing.

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