City Free Clinic

City Free Clinic

City Free Clinic is a partnership between City Church and Grassroots Healthcare Foundation (GHF). We are located at 743 E Tabor Ave, Fairfield, CA 94533 (707) 426-2172. 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and affordable outpatient care to those without access to services, and to minister to the body, mind, and spirit, connect with our greater community, and empower each patient’s passion and purpose in life. 

To register with our clinic, there are a few easy ways:

(1) Call or text Spruce at (707) 247-2933,

(2) Text the word “connect” to (707) 875-6861, or

(3) Click the link below to update your contact information: 

If you would like to partner with us, you can text the word “volunteer” to the same number (707) 875-6861, or click this link to volunteer: 

We do not accept insurance, and we do not charge for our services. We are 100% supported by donations, volunteers, and the church. Donations are processed by Network for Good, and they will send you a donation receipt which can be used as a tax deduction. Click this link to donate directly

To connect with the mission of GHF go to and to support the mission go to

Meet the Doctor:

Dr. Jerry M. Cline

For more information about Dr. Jerry M. Cline, please visit this link: can also give online by clicking the following Giving Link and using the drop down menu to the City Free Clinic

Giving Link

 God Bless You and Thank You Very Much!