Scott Mulvey

Pastor Scott is the lead pastor at City Church. He was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in California and spent many years planting churches in San Francisco, Discovery Bay and Brentwood before God told him to come to Fairfield. Along with being a pastor, Pastor Scott is President of Neighborhood Empowerment which is a neighborhood improvement organization actively serving Fairfield. Pastor Scott is also the Northern California Superintendent for Grace International. In addition to that, Pastor Scott is the Director of the City Live-In Center. He and his wife Deborah have been married for 29 years and have raised 5 children.

Deborah Mulvey

Deborah Mulvey serves as lead pastor at City Church 2:42. She was born in Minnesota, but moved to California as a young adult. Deborah is ordained with Grace International. Deborah is a gifted singer, teacher and counselor. Deborah holds a degree in Organizational Behavioral with the University of San Francisco.