City Free Clinic

City Free Clinic


The mission of City Free Clinic is to provide exceptional medical services, health education and spiritual care to those that have little or no health coverage within our local community.


City Free Clinic will be recognized in the community as a place where sick people are made well, healthcare is free, and lives are transformed. 


City Free Clinic is committed as individuals to the following core values:

  • Humility – Preferring others first.
  • Integrity – Acting with ethical excellence and personal responsibility.
  • Excellence – Striving towards the highest quality of care and personal effort.
  • Honor – Living up to the trust that patients place in us. 
  • Trust – Trusting God and each other for the transformation of lives.

And as an organization we are committed to demonstrating:

  • Compassion – Touching more than the physical illnesses we strive to meet the felt needs through relationships.
  • Respect – Treating the people of the community with the greatest level of respect. 
  • Professionalism – Demonstrating the highest level of care.
  • Service – Meeting the needs of the community in a selfless way.
  • Teamwork – Valuing the contribution of all we cultivate a team atmosphere.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jerry M. Cline

You can easily give online by clicking the following link and using the drop down menu to City Free Clinic.